Pigskin (Prod. Bliss)

by Scotti Bishop

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Just trying to make it through the day
Doing anything it takes
Trying to fly before I trip
Mixing real with fake
Mama on my phone
Devil on my shoulder
Pigskins in my pocket
Pac hanging from my posters, like

Yeah, I like that

[Verse 1]
Empty bottles stack up around the room, I ain't too clean
Lapped up, passing blunts, put wings on the hoopty
The city dry I got that work tell the fiends to hit my line
Pockets full of loose dreams
Shoot needles full of dollar signs
Fill my lungs to clear my mind
Old habits, new me
Woopty woop fill the room, blase blah kill the mood
Pop a pill or two, maneuver through the conversations
Hear them saying time is a money, every words a dollar wasted
Like to talk shit but I ain't shit, I ain't ballin' like I should be
Pockets aching, dirty fitted, couple stains up on my hoodie
I ain't never played the part of no gangster, I ain't no pussy though
Talk about what they don't know, I don't know the type they took me for
Road to riches paved with bad intentions hope your breaks
Kyle or Scotti
Still don't know which one it was that came first
Pile of bodies in my hindsight, I ain't tried to shift the blame
Plot started twisting on me so I went and skipped a page

[Pre-Hook 1]
Director yelling cut, cut a check or cut me loose
Running through the field, juice spilling, smoke fill up the coop
Work to kill some idle time, clock in and slip the noose
Dog I've really been through shit so there ain't really shit to prove

Motherfucker what it do, motherfucker what it do
Motherfucker what it do, you fuck with me I fuck with you
Motherfucker what it do
Yeah that's cool
I'm gonna let it breathe

[Verse 2]
Shoot without a warning, reload with no explanation
Kept it honest off the rip, every statement ten times ten
Code of conduct never breaking
Been legit through all the fraudulence
Pigment look like mayonnaise, swag saucier then condiments
Body language translate all the things I think I can't say
Demeanor look standoffish, dig in pockets until my hands break
(I've been)
Driving off the juice, see red and blue flash in my rear-view
Now my mama giving me a earful on some fucking preaching shit
Hard to listen to her when my future at my fingertips
I know that she mean well but she don't know that I know that
Race against the clock playing toe tag with my karma (uh)
If I lose I die a martyr
Looking out the window wonder why the riots started
I just stay inside and duck the shots
Fuck the ops, fuck the blogs, nothing but some bomberclaads
A lot of things I don't know
But I know to never trust a thot
Plot twisting, still not tripping if my balance off, cause

[Pre-Hook 2]
No hoe gone get no shine from me
No bitch gone get no love
Shoulder's shrug hold my tongue with lose grip
Don't give a fuck
Fuck is up? knuckles bloody, mud caked up on my shoes
Dog I've really been through shit so there ain't really shit to prove

Motherfucker what it do, motherfucker what it do
Motherfucker what it do, you fuck with me I fuck with you
Hundred shots, hundred proof
Bottle in the bubblegoose
Don't know if what I hear's the truth or just another point of view

Saying "Bitch, don't kill my vibe" I've been waiting this high
Windows tinted on the ride, they can't see us from outside
You don't know who the fuck we are, we don't know who the fuck is you
Homie we don't give a fuck, you fuck with us we fuck with you


released January 1, 2017
Written by $cotti Bishop // Prod. by Bliss



all rights reserved


Scotti Bishop Sacramento, California

i write songs // i rap good

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